Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mumba for President Campaign Team

The following statement is from the Mumba For President Campaign Team.

"We would like to emphasize that he is an inspiration to Zambia's youth and his challenge and candidacy for the party presidency is a model and inspiration to Zambia's youth. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking of our political leaders as 'gods' who can work miracles. Dr. Mumba has said publicly that he has made mistakes...he is a human being. However, he has the skills to build consensus to bring about the right solution. He is not an opportunist. He cares deeply about the future of Zambia and that is what motivates him to say, 'Enough is enough. If I don't step into the ring, I may wake up one morning and wonder why I did not say anything.' He trully represents the future of Zambia. His pastoral credentials are not an impediment but an asset because he is a man people respect and trust and someone that can appeal across all barriers. He deserves our support.

Secondly, he is very interested in including all Zambians wherever they may be in the world. Though Zambia does not have absentee ballots, Dr. Mumba wants Zambians in every corner of the world to be a part of the democratic process in Zambia through his campaign. He is the first presidential candidate in Zambian history to utilize the internet to state his case. That shows forward thinking and the kind of person we want leading Zambia. It is a sign of things to come--where Zambia will be connected globally and move to the forefront.

Thank you for contacting us and supporting Dr. Mumba's campaign.

Joshua Ngoma/Victor Chanda
Mumba for President Campaign Team"

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