Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nevers Mumba For President

"I believe in Zambia. I also believe in the Zambian people. We have what it takes to move our country out of this valley of poverty and despair. History encourages us with nations that had sunk and yet through a unified resolve, ended up on top...There is hope for Zambia. Hope for us to transform ourselves into a prosperous nation."

Dr. Nevers Mumba
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Jonas Chanda said...

Well Zambia today faces a serious political leadership crisis.This calls for men and women of vision to rise to the challenge and provide the necessary leadership.
Having known Dr Mumba for some years now,he definitely stands in that light and is one of the few untainted politicians in Zambia today.
The rest of them-Nawakwi,Levy,Chiluba,Miyanda,Mazoka,and many more are spent forces who can have nothing new to offer the country.
Dr Mumba only has to be cautious with the many political fossils and vultures in the country who may try to use him and fulfill their own selfish ambitions.
Forward with Freedom, Doc.

Dr Jonas Chanda
Gaborone, Botswana

bevlee said...

Is there some one out there that has contact details for Dr. Nevers Mumba!
I have been waiting for the details to put on the website but someone has neglected their responsibility.

Bev Naidoo
Dallas, Texas.