Sunday, April 10, 2005

Debt Relief, at what price? reports

"Mumba had been given 10 days to prove his allegations against Mwanawasa or face unspecified 'sanctions."

What is this all about? Surely, we all know that Zambia is a very poor country. The reason we are rallying behind Dr Mumba is simply because we know that there no such thing as a free lunch. If all the nice people at the World Bank and the IMF are doubtful about our gratitude we shall remind them of how weary and tired we are about overburdening the international community with issues we can take care of on our own.

While the whole world is prepared to assist Zambians at this moment of great need, let's keep in mind that we, as Zambians, will payback by ensuring that we have the right calibre of leadership in place inorder to prevent the shameful, degrading and humiliating experience of relying on other people's sweat.

It will be a great day when the sympathetic and kind people everywhere acknowledged that their generosity is highly appreciated. The best way we can prove this as Zambians is by placing the right kind of leadership in position.

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