Friday, April 22, 2005



We regret to inform you that the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) has expelled Dr. Nevers Mumba from the MMD NEC and has postponed the MMD Convention.

This is a sad day for democracy in Zambia and should be protested in the strongest terms by all Zambians regardless of Party affiliation. We call on the international community to immediately investigate the circumstances leading to Dr. Mumba's expulsion from the MMD NEC. Donor communities and nations need to pay attention to what is happening in Zambia.

We have been warning for some time of the increasing threats against Dr. Mumba's candidacy leading to his suspension from the MMD NEC. Dr. Mumba has dismissed the charges against him and the strongest of actions has been taken against him by expelling him from the MMD NEC. We believe this action shows that the current MMD leadership will stop at nothing to hinder democracy in Zambia.

Dr. Mumba had firm evidence of electoral corruption and presented this to the MMD Leadership. In response, the MMD Leadership has expelled him from the NEC. This is corruption at its best.

Zambia is a free and democratic nation. The action taken against Dr. Mumba violates democratic principles and values and should not be allowed to stand. The people of Zambia will not stand for this.

Mumba for President Campaign Team

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Naomi said...

This has come as a shock to most of us and I really do wish that those who are in Zambia would stand up for what is right and support Dr. Nevers Mumba. MMD has really gone deep into it's corrupt ways so much so that they are now doing it openly. They are not even trying to cover it up, that's just a shame. Zambians have allowed this to happen for such a long time but I plead with my fellow Zambians who are in Zambia to please speak up. Democracy is not about being silenced, it's about speaking out when the need arises. Please, please speak up!!