Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dr. Mumba's suspension - Comments

This latest move by the MMD NEC confirms that they have systematically worked to silence him. If corruption is being investigated in the MMD, shouldn't it begin at the top? We are reminded of the old adage, 'The fish rots from the head.'

There must be a national and international outcry about what is being done to Dr. Mumba in a democratice Zambia. How is he, as a candidate aspiring for national office, supposed to campaign when he is being suspended on baseless charges just three weeks before the MMD Convention? His popularity, especially among the grassroots, has continued to grow since his announcement. The MMD now faces the real possibility that Mr. Mwanawasa could be defeated at the Convention. This move on their part to suspend Dr. Mumba is wrong when several MMD leaders are on record as having made statements to the press. If those MMD officials can speak to the press expressing threats to Dr. Mumba, why is Dr. Mumba being singled out to be suspended for speaking to the media?

Dr. Mumba launched his campaign by stating that this was a test of democracy in Zambia. The MMD party is not living up to its claims to be a democratic party. And that is very troubling for a ruling party. The people of Zambia are tired of this kind of leadership. It is time for a change.

Josh Ngoma and Victor Chanda
Mumba for President Campaign Media Team

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