Friday, April 01, 2005

MMD NEC Warns Mumba Against Provocative Campaign

The Zambia Post Online reveals the MMD NEC's hostile attitude to Never Mumba's Campaign. Zambian politicians need to wise up. There was a time when you could intimidate and bully your way into power, and no one would notice.

The modern battles are fought with the whole world watching, and if the Zambian politicians do not want to be reduced to political pariahs of the world they better listen up.

This is not a divisive campaign, but rather, an open and fair way of tabling issues that matter to all Zambians. Take for instance;

"Sources within the NEC disclosed that Luapula Province MMD chairman Kennedy Sakeni had been the first to reprimand pastor Mumba and warned him that Luapula Province was a no-go zone for him."

I'm afraid to disappoint Kennedy Sakeni, he does not own Luapula province, the quicker he realises this the better for all Zambians. We are in a democracy and free to move as we wish. Kennedy Sakeni is old hat, move over.

"In an interview on Wednesday, Mwaanga wondered why pastor Mumba had resorted to using the press to air his concerns on party matters instead of following the right party channels."

Oh! forgive me for being ignorant, Mwaanga is not using the press to express his insecurity about Nevers Mumba's campaign. Really, how rich of him?

Mwaanga adds on...

'As a senior member of the party, I don't expect him to be informing the party through the press. If he has made those discoveries, why didn't he inform us or why didn't he wait for the national executive committee (NEC) meeting which will be held tomorrow (yesterday) at 10:00 hours?' Mwaanga said.
'Yes we must campaign, but we should do it in a disciplined way. If we don't do this, we are going to introduce anarchy in the party.'

Mwaanga should note that Nevers Mumba will not go to the press, websites or bloggers if the senior party members were listening. You cannot silence a credible voice purely because it challenges your old fashioned manners.

At last there is some sense, I think. We wanted democracy and, let's face it, unless we can cope with the responsibilities that comes with it we are toast. Shutting up people will not do.

Listen up everyone! We are watching you, the whole world is watching you...

Don't do anything stupid!!!!

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