Saturday, June 25, 2005

Levy's Attempt to Silence Zambians Will Boomerang

"IT seems and his minions do not learn or are incapable of learning. They seem to be jumping, like monkeys, from one violation of the Constitution to another.
It seems in their desperation to hide their heinous deeds, they have now resorted to a systematic campaign of repression. They want to shut any mouth that opens up to expose the crimes of their league. They have started a reckless and dangerous assault on our people's freedom of speech and that of expression. They don't even seem to care that this is a constitutionally protected fundamental right. What of the summoning of people every day to police stations to be questioned on what they said on some radio programme or on what they were quoted to have said in some newspaper, or indeed on what was published under their by-line over the last few weeks? Why are they in such a frenzy? What are they trying to hide that is worrying them so much that if the people come to know, they may lose their manliness? What is it? Whatever it is, it must be a very big transgression, a gigantic crime." More from source.....

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