Saturday, March 11, 2006

Character Over Reputation

"Political and church leaders, actors and actresses, singers,
writers, athletes, professors, engineers, doctors, lawyers and
practically everyone (although they may not be even aware of
what it truly means) are undoubtedly concerned about their

Even if we give high regards to integrity and dignity as values
taught everywhere in the world, we have been continuously
startled by news of moral downfalls. We've all heard of
government officials being persecuted, famous professional
athletes linked to drug usage, popular actors involved in
crimes, businessmen proven to have committed unethical
practices, and preachers not measuring up to what is expected
from them. Sadly, the list seems endless.

More than ever, there is a necessity for us to instill in
ourselves not just good reputation, but more importantly, good
character. Most of us are so concerned about our image - on how
others may look at us. Let me make this clear though. I am not
saying there is something wrong in assuring that we maintain a
good image. A learned person knows better not to give more
importance to reputation than his character. There is a big
distinction between the two."

Author Codi Morieta describing the importance of character over reputation.

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