Thursday, July 13, 2006

Posting Nonsense

The article (Consecration Of Opportunism) aimed at Nevers Mumba is deeply flawed. It is not upto the Post editor to tell us how we should think. If the Post has an agenda to humiliate or bring down anyone they deslike so be it. We will simply stop reading their vile comments and hope they get bankrupt.

The Post is in the past, news in modern times is decided by readers not by by some stuck up fat editor with scores to settle. See, Digg is getting better than the New York Times.

Like any politician, Nevers Mumba has his shortcomings. What we need to concentrate on is his ability to deliver promises, especially to the less privileged Zambians of all creed.

News agencies have a role to play in society, to inform and enlighten period. Any attempt to influence people's perception and judgement is against the very basic ethics of News producers.

The Post is right to highlight current issues affecting us, but has not right whatsoever to tell us who we should vote for president.

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